Carefully manufacture water jet cutting product

We can offer you multi kinds of models and components


HEAD standard water jet series

3 axis cutting head, mainly used in simple surfacecutting, and can cut any curve any shape


HEAD dynamic water jet series

AB 5 axis cutting head, specially for small anglesurface cutting design, mainly for ceramic, marble pattern......


HEAD dynamic water jet series

AC 5 axis cutting head, specially for big angle 3 Dcutting, mainly for curved surface, conical surface, groove.......


HEAD portable water jet series

Specially for wield project and inflammable andexplosive cutting design......

We Also OfferCustomized Cutting Solutions

Versatility is our Biggest Asset

HEAD waterjets are capable of cutting virtually any material,any shape,any size.

The UHP cutting technology is the fastest development machine tool on its praised power , speed and all-powerful

HEAD brand UHP waterjet is used by manufacturer and gain higher efficiency and stronger ability . Nowadays HEAD waterjet can cut food , paper and composite material ,steel even other rare materials .

Stronger cutting ability

  • Cut any material easily

  • Cold cutting , without heat area

  • Thickness from 1mm to 200mm any shapes cutting

  • Cut any kinds of soft material with pure water

  • Cut any hard material mixed with abrasive

HEAD AC five axis dynamic water jet curve surface
High hardness cast stone
Bakelite cutting
ceramic cutting
stainless steel wheel
Big size gear sample
Compound glass cutting
hemispherical dome sample by AC 5 axis
stone counter bore
Laminated glass cutting sample
Thick stainless steel sample
Compound plastic sample
Wooden package plate
Compound materials

Let the cutting not a problem

HEAD water jet can be used in many kinds of materials cutting, it isyour best choice for perfect cutting.

Shenyang Head Science and Technology Corporation is specialized indesigning,R &D, manufacturer, market of Ultra high pressure water jetcutting machine.Till now, Head has already become the famous manufacturer inChina since found.

The application for water jet

To show you the application for water jet in every kind of cutting.

Dynamic water jet cutting
Stone, ceramic water jet cutting
Metal water jet cutting
Glass water jet cutting
Pure water jet cutting
Special materials cutting


To supply you the customized cutting solution

High pressure  Efficient  All-powerful  Different

HEAD covers the main character of waterjet, can mainly explain the water jet, it will become the pronoun of water jet.

HEADhas already become the pioneer of China water jet.

Why Choose HEAD Water jet

Professional R&D, consummate technics, complete service, timely spare parts supply


Consummated technics

Guarantee every part is good quality


Complete after sale service

From installation to technology support, let you noworry about your machine


Professional R&D team

To customize the water jet product, let cutting not a problem


Collect HEAD newest news, transmit HEAD newest ideas

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Korean customers purchase HEAD water jet cutting machine...

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Put HEAD's Waterjet to the Test. Your part, your specs, our waterjet.

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